Muscle Shoals Sailing Club is a non-profit corporation which owns the land, club house, docks and other facilities its members utilize. Full membership in the club is termed a Class A Membership which conveys a part ownership of the Club's assests and voting privileges. To introduce the Club and sailing to juniors or students we have a membership which provides full access to the club facilities but does not convey ownership or voting rights. Land storage of boats, wet slips, and rack storage of Lasers is available for an additional fee.

  • Class A Dues: $600
  • Class A Initation Fee: $300
  • Junior/Student Dues: $25
  • Land Boat Storage per Year: $125
  • Laser Rack per Year: $80
  • Empty Trailer per Year: $50
  • Boat Slips per Foot, per Year: $24

For more information on memberships to Muscle Shoals Sailing Club, please use the contact form.


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