2019 Club Race Results after Club Race #2

Attached are the standings for the MSSC 2019 Club Championship Series after Club Race #2.
This year I'm using High Point scoring for the series this year.  Unlike a normal regatta where low points wins, this series awards points for your performance in a club race day or regatta based on the number of participants.  For example, if there are 10 boats and you finish first you get 10 points, second gets 9 points, and so on.

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2018 Final Cumulative Race Results

2018 Club Race 6

Updated Cumulative Results Through LAC

2018 Little America's Cup

Little America's Cup NOR posted

The Little America's Cup will be held October 13-14th.  Please make plans to attend.

NOR posted here:


2018 Cumulative Results

5 boats and 9 sailors represented MSSC at the TVCC. It was a fun event, and it is fun representing MSSC with other clubs. Boats from Browns Creek and Privateer and of course the host Concord Yacht Club competed. All the results are here

I added our results to the Cum spreadsheet.

2018 Cumulative Results

Updated through Club Race 5. Corrections and comments welcome!

2018 Club Race 5

While wind speed didn't measure up to expectations, the NNE direction lived up to its shifty reputation. I refined the Aero 9 index using the RYA index and a ratio of 5 boats common to both US and RYA. The index turned out to be 87.6. Comments and corrections are welcome!

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