Cumulative Race Results

Cummulative Results 2018

Results through the Commodores' Regatta.

2018 Commodores' Regatta Results

2018 Commodores' Regatta

Here are results for the Commodores' Regatta. As usual, comments and corrections are welcome. Tommy and I agreed one index needed correcting from the day of the race, but it did not change the outcome. I also applied a Wind Handicap Index in these results that will be added to the cumulative stats shortly.

Club Race 4 correction

Added Jerry Petritsch as captain

2018 Cumulative Results

Updated Cumulative Results through Club Race 4

2018 Club Race 4 Results

Posted results for club race 4. Thanks to the race commitee, Paul Jacobs, Glenn Miller, Jerry Barnet, and Don Lovelace.

2018 Cumulative Results

Cumulative Results through Club Race 3

2018 Club Race 3

2018 Cumulative Results

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