2019 Commodore's Regatta Results & Club Championship Standings

It was a great weekend if your name is Paul - congratulations to Paul Jacobs and Paul Green for winning the Dinghy and Cruiser classes for the Commodore's regatta!  Regatta results are attached.  Please let me know if there are any mistakes or omissions, especially with regards to crew names.  Skippers can't do it by themselves - unless you're Paul Green of course - and I'd like to give credit where credit is due.
It was really neat to see Matthew Kerl skippering his first regatta with his grandfather Joel Verplank as his crew!  I don't know if I've ever seen that before at MSSC.  And it was also neat to see our old friend from BCSA Dave Chadwick drop in on Sunday to sail his RS Aero.
Commodore Phin Jones put on an excellent regatta, and much of the excellence was due to Phin assembling a great team to help.  Nolan Richards had things well in hand on the water as PRO, ably assisted by David Ausley, George Makowski, and Keith Hudson.  They ran 6 races in light and shifty conditions on Saturday and under a threat of rain and storms on Sunday.  The kitchen crew that came to head chef Phin's assistance included Peggy Jacobs, Dana Ausley, Michelle Barnett, Barbara Glenn, Nancy & Larry Gautney, and maybe a few more that I can't remember.  I think Lara Butler may have helped George Makowski with Sunday breakfast?  Anyway, this underscores the fact that we're an all volunteer club and it takes a lot of helpers to put on these regattas, and we appreciate everyone's help.  And we need more help as you'll see if you keep reading.
I've attached the updated club race series standings - the biggest move is that Paul Green, with his win this weekend, has passed Phin Jones for second place in the skipper standings.  Randy Myers is still leading.
We have three back-to-back events in September - Club Race #4 is September 14, and it will serve as a great tune-up for the TVCC which is at Browns Creek September 21-22.  Then September 28 we are having a mini-sailing seminar with the Huntsville Ski Club.
We need a PRO and helper for the club race, I would do it but I will be out of the country for both of those events, so we need a couple of people to step up.  Preferably someone who is not racing in the TVCC.
I'd like to know who is planning to attend the TVCC.  If you haven't been you really ought to consider going, going to an out-of-town regatta is fun and can make you a better sailor.  We need a few of you Scot sailors, hopefully Paul will take his Thistle, and it would be great to have a spinnaker and a non-spinnaker cruiser.  I heard a rumor that Tom Brown may be taking his Star which would be great for the non-spinnaker class, but we really need a spinnaker cruiser to have any chance to win the Cup.  Please let me know if you thinking about attending, the guys at BCSA are asking.  I know they will put on a good regatta.
We'll need volunteer skippers for the Huntsville Ski Club event, look for an email from either myself or Jim Farrell in September asking for help.
And finally we also need help with the Little America's Cup which is October 12-13, starting with a coordinator and a PRO.  Be ready, someone may be calling you, or if you'd like to volunteer ahead of time then let me know.  This is our oldest regatta and we want it to be a good one.
Hope to see you at the club soon,
Tommy - Fleet Captain
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