Message from the Board regarding COVID-19

Dear Members,

The term uncharted waters comes to mind. It is difficult to understand what all is happening, and what is the best course with respect to Covid 19. The board has been paying attention to the news, and what other clubs and organizations, sailing and otherwise, are doing. We have put together the following guidelines for MSSC and members. Any questions and reasonable suggestions will be considered. Above all, each of us should stay safe.

1.  During this pandemic event MSSC will follow current federal, state, and local government guidance regarding movement between locations and size of gatherings.

2. If the government allows movement between locations, member's access to the club will not be restricted, however use of the clubhouse is strongly discouraged with the exception of use of the bathroom facilities.  Members should spray water faucet handles and door handles with Lysol or other cleaning spray that will placed in the men's and women's restrooms.

3.  If club races are held there will be no competitor's meeting and no socializing in the clubhouse until the pandemic threat has passed.  Members are encouraged to exercise extreme caution in choosing their crew.

4.  Further announcements regarding the status of MSSC events will be provided at the appropriate time prior to the event.

For now, we will abide by an abundance of caution, and cancel Club Race #1 that was scheduled for this Saturday. Thanks to Bill Parkhurst and Larry Gautney who were a willing race committee. I am happy to say good participation was expected, and sorry to disappoint so many.

My understanding right now is that Lauderdale County is not under restricted movement.

The next events, Horace Bramm Cup, and the 2nd MSSC Poker run are still under review. Hopefully the pandemic will subside soon.

Thanks to the board,

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

Stay Safe,

Phin Jones

MSSC Commodore

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